The Macchiato Question

We do our Macchiatos the traditional Italian way - equal parts espresso and milk. A Macchiato is a short drink meant for those who enjoy the creaminess of milk, but want the taste of espresso to stand out as much as possible.  Fast food coffee brands have taken the name, Macchiato, and slapped it onto 16oz lattes with caramel syrup. Nothin' wrong with a good caramel latte, let's just get 'em both straight!


SOHHA Savory Yogurt

The other night, we were lucky to have fellow Harlem residents, John and Angela from SOHHA Yogurt come into our shop. They gave us some samples of their yogurt and we instantly fell in love! This stuff is beyond good... So thick, rich, creamy and fresh tasting! We have now added their Original and Tangy cups to our offerings. Try one and you'll settle for no other!