We at Little Bean not only love coffee, we love art as well. Currently, we're featuring two local artists' work on our walls, and will be periodically rotating throughout the year. All work is for sale directly from the artists.

Bleu Pablo

Elijah Wrighton also know as Bleu Pablo was born in The Bronx, NY 1991. Coming from a family of creatives, Bleu discovered his passion for painting through the work of his Great Uncle Albert Wright. His love for people fuels his motivation to create.  "I'm inspired by human emotion, through textures and bold colors I want to be able take the subject out of his or her reality to evolve feelings of love, passion, and despair", says Bleu.

His ultimate goal is to continue to create and work with other platforms to give artists in inner cities more opportunities to showcase their work. Bleu has been featured on Experience Magazine, Huffington Post, Canvii and many more.

Claire Saphire

Claire Saphire is co-owner of Little Bean and mother to Theo, the inspiration for Little Bean. Late and sleepless nights with a newborn were the catalyst behind the first of these doodles. Making others (mostly herself) laugh has kept her creating them.

Claire creates custom baby doodles through her Etsy shop. Click the link below for more info!