We at Little Bean not only love coffee, we love art as well. Currently, we're featuring two local artists' work on our walls, and will be periodically rotating throughout the year. All work is for sale directly from the artists.

Omi Gray

I am a multi-faceted teaching artist, living in Harlem, New York. I create because it is part of my DNA. I inherited my passion for creating from my Mother, Grandmother, and my Ancestors.
I design and teach textile design using several art forms. Currently, my focus is creating botanical images on silk and wool, Freeform Weaving and Feltmaking. Black Walnut, Eucalyptus, Maple, Oak, and Rose leaves are some of the plants I use to get the images on silk and wool fabric. I gather and collect leaves that have fallen from trees in the Central Park. I am frequently walking through Harlem collecting leaves from neighborhood trees. I use recycled fabric and fibers to create my Freeform Weavings. The woven yardage becomes scarves, shawls, and jackets.
You might see me in Central Park weaving on my portable by the Harlem Meer.
Feltmaking is an age-old technique for creating fabric. It involves using Merino sheep wool, water, soap and the rolling fibers with two hands. Using this process, I create lightweight but warm, scarves and other wearable garments.
I am a teaching artist. I facilitate workshops in my private Harlem studio. I am available to teach at other venues as well.
Teaching is my way of sharing the gratification that comes from being able to say, "I made it myself"! In my, "Make it and Take it," workshops I teach how to use and experiment with various techniques and materials resulting in a one-of-a-kind
creation that is yours alone!
Consider taking a workshop to relax, learn, and create. All the techniques I use are purely magical, therapeutic and
Rewarding. Make and Take a work of art for yourself or as a gift for someone special!

Osh Hamideh

Ashraf Hamideh who goes by “Osh” may look like a native New Yorker through his photography but is originally from San Diego, California.
Osh recently made the move to New York City to focus on his urban and cityscape photography.
His photography features major cities like New York, San Francisco, Toronto and is always on the go to continue exploring and capturing more.